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Thomas Nouck

I wish to extend my congratulations to the entire team for the great job in keeping the public informed and educated. I met the Editor-in-chief in Amsterdam last month and he reinkindled my interest in the Newspaper. Now that I have discovered the website, I hope I'll make up for all I have missed.


I wish to congratulate you for this excellent job well done. Not only do you simply deal with the things regarding the Catholic Church but you go a long way to educate the general public and discuss the ills of our society. Corruption in Cameroon, armed robbery, ever filthy elections history etc. The Catholic Church may be accused as usual in sticking its nose too often into the dirty politics that is practiced back in our beloved country but it is merely a divine duty.
In this Christmas season I want to suggest a little thing. If it is possible please kindly bring up an article on the ills of calling CHRISTMAS as XMAS. Why have many people decided to change Christmas to Xmas. Some people say “X” is simply an abbreviation but the fact is that people are shying away from the word CHRIST. Maybe it is because the feast has become very popular that nowadays both Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate this day dedicated to the birth of the Savior of the world, but it does not give any right to take away the Christ and replace it with an “X”. One reason may be because we have all gone astray and it makes us ashamed of ourselves when we use the word Christmas. On this great day many evil things are committed. Not only do many Christians get drunk after heavy drinking but worst of all, many husbands and wives find themselves in hotel rooms with neighbours’ or friends’ husband/wife. This are just two examples out of a thousand and if the world was to end on a Christmas night, almost all Christians may be finding themselves in hell fire with Satan and not with Christ whom they are celebrating. This makes it a very sad day for JESUS CHRIST and not a happy Birth day as we would have wished it to be. On this Christmas 2007, let us all reflect on this and change our lives. At the present ratings we are not far from Sodom and Gomorrah and our Lord is simply being patient with us. Let us not wait for him to strike. It is never too late to say no to old bad habits and turn to God’s ways. HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all, and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2008.

chidi samuel chukwu

pls send my address to father moses tazoh

Enrique Bita Rope Atanasio

Cher Frère,
Je me nomme Enrique Bita Rope Atanasio et je suis originaire de la Guinée-Équatoriale
mais je suis actuellement en Côte d'Ivoire et cela depuis l'assassinat de mon pere par les hommes du pouvoir de Malabo (Guinée-Équatoriale).
Mon pere Bita Rope Laesa Atanasio étais un homme politique qui revendiquais une part des revenus du pétrole et du gaz extrait dans notre région (Bioko) alors, le pouvoir en place lui reversais une bonne partie de l'argent issu de la vente du pétrole et du gaz de la région et aussi un pourcentage sur les contrats de cession de puits de pétrole et de gaz aux multinationales.

Mais début 2003, les choses ont commencées à tourner mal entre mon pere et le pouvoir du président Théodore Obiang Nguema alors mon pere à jugé bon de s'enfuir car connaissant les méthodes expéditives du pouvoir pour avoir assassiner d'autres opposants à son régime.
Nous nous sommes rendu d'abord au Bénin et ensuite nous sommes venu nous installer en Côte d'Ivoire mon pere et moi mais malheureusement, ils ont eux raison de mon pere en le faisant assassiner.

Lors de notre exile, mon pere n'a pas choisi la destination Côte d'Ivoire en transitant par le Bénin sur un coup de tête mais parce que avant de fuir de Malabo, il a fait transférer tout son argent issu des accords sur les gains et les signatures de contrats concernant les puits de pétrole et de gaz de notre région, dans un premier compte au Bénin à la continentale banque d'un montant de 5 millions de dollars américain et dans un autre en Côte d'Ivoire mais celui là d'un montant de 7,5 millions de dollars américain.

Ce que je vous demande, c'est de m'aider à effectuer le transfert de l'argent qui se trouve ici et une fois sortir, nous nous occuperont ensemble de celui du Bénin.
Pour des preuves, je vous mets en piéce-jointe l'article de journal fait après son assassinat ici.
Je suis ouverte à toutes discussions quand au pourcentage qui vous reviendrait si vous acceptez de me venir en aide mais sachée que 5% de l'argent sera destiné aux éventuelles dépenses afférentes aux règlement
de l'affaire.

Vous pouvez me contacter par courriel à cette adresse afin d'avoir plus de renseignement.

Doug Young

Do you have an address, email or otherwise for Rev. Fr. Brian Byrne ?
Thank you,
Doug Young

Livinus Tal Bam

Please, update your editoral team page. I can see the list of members contain resigned members. Did people not replace them?


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anyu tchilie athanathius

learn to update your information mirabel has been out of the country for two years now what is her name still doing in your editorail team


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The new year is already knocking at the door, let it will bring only happiness and joy.


The new year is already knocking at the door, let it will bring only happiness and joy.


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


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Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


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Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Imma Akwanga

Hi everyone,
I would first of all like to commend the editor-in-chief for a job well done over the past years as well as the entire editorial team for the marvelous job they are doing in bringing the public to the limelight of religious and societal affairs. Hudos to y'all.
I would however like to point out that for the past almost three years, your editorial team has not been updated, inspite of the fact that Mirabel Azangeh and Aloysius Agendia are no longer members of the L'effort editorial team. I therefore applaud the editor-in-chief and the webmaster to kindly update the editorial page, so as to keep the public informed as to who is directly involved with the production of such a wom=nderful and informative paper.
I wish you all the best in your research and write-ups.

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