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William A. Courson, Executive Director, The Magnus Hirschfeld Center for Human Rights

The sad efforts of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Cameroon to villify your country's gay community is as misguided as it is pathetic. What principle was ever enunciated by Jesus of Nazereth to justify your disgusting actions: promoting the oppression of a helpless minority?

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are in no sense 'men of God.' Indeed, the Savior is crucified again and again in your vicious words and deeds.

When the history of this period is finally written, those who opposed equality and human rights for gay and lesbian persons will emerge as enemies of human freedom, happiness and progress.

Long Live the Gay and Lesbian Community!


William Courson, surely every human being, including homosexual has human rights. Why are homosexuals not up in arms about a government in which homosexual relationships are used to dispense national resources and power. A corrupt homosexual plutocratic dictatorship is in power in Cameroon, William. That does not help anyone's rights does it? Cameroon now represents the worst place to make a battle for homosexual rights because of this factor.

Long Live the Gay and Lesbian Community, you say? There will always be homosexuals and have always been. That is a fact of life!


It is a pity that someone like you could come to the net open a website just to throw rubish of this kind. but I want you to know this, one day you own very acts shall stand in front of you and you will have nothing to do.
Homosesuality is something that should be mentioned only by animals but since people like you have grown from humanity to animality, words like that can be heard.
Why do you relate Christ with your nonesense actions? What do you call human right?
Woe to all homosexuals for theirs is eternal damnation if they do not repent.

John Paul Ambe

I have not really understood why, homosexuality which is almost similar to a perversion, something opposed to the law of nature, should become a controversial issue. I think it is enough we pray for people with this somewhat "perversion" and they too stay quite. They are trying to turn around the natural order. I am convinced it is a fruitless battle. Unfortunately, many others are being caught in this web. May God be the judge of them all. I do not hate any of them and neither do i agree with their misconduct. I try to love you all and I hope I will truly love you. Please, do not come up to make a mockery of yourself as a homosexual. If you were on the right path, you would not worry even if you are considered inferior. God be with you.

Che Sunday

I am not sure if I am reading these posts from God, from Christians, or from hypocrites.
Lets assume you are a priest hearing confessions and a man comes in and say, "bless me father for I have sin. I have had sexual intercourse with another man." Would say, go say 100 hail mary's and don't do it again, or Son, your afflliction deseves the sympathy of the church and I will pray with you to see if the holy spirit can rid you of it, or simply you have committed no sin go your way and continue living your life as you have always done? It took a thousand years for the church to pardon Galleleo for daring to say the world was not flat but round. The church believes in creation, teaches evolution in its schools. If it teaches revolution, maybe the human speeches is still evolving. Humosexuallity may just be a stage in the process. All I am trying to say is we may condemn the act, but do not close any doors for for any human being for what they may be, so long as what they do to themselves is not infringing on our won liberties or freedoms.
If we so vehemently condemn homosexuals, we may just be saying God made a mistake in creating them the way they are. Assuming that science can tell us ahead of time what gene(s) are reponssible for gay and lesbianism, will you opt for abortition if you can determine that your unborn baby is going to turn out gay or lesbian? Remember the church does not believe in abortion?
Lets be careful with our utterances.

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